Black Ice on Seealpsee

After watching Rogue One* on Saturday evening with my brother I decided to flee the birthday party going on in the shared apt, got my camera equipment and drove to Wasserauen. Arriving at 2am I noticed that I wasn’t the only one with the same idea, there were at least two other campers at the parking. I set my alarm to 6am and went for a cold nap. Note to myself: Should it get colder than 0• I need some additional layers 😀

Unfortunately four hours of sleep weren’t quite enough and I only got out of bed by 6:45. A coffee later I was on my way to the Seealpsee which currently is completely frozen. Since it wasn’t snowing at all during the last few weeks, the lake was covered in black ice.

By 7:45 I arrived at the lake, to my surprise there were already quite a few photographers on it, I even spotted a couple camping at the lake. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite on my side and the sky was completely covered in clouds. I decided to just enjoy the scenery and don’t bother too much with taking pictures. By 10am the place was crawling with people and time for me to leave 🙂

* If you like Star Wars V you will also love Rogue One and you should go watch it!

Alea Iacta Est!

I decided where to start: I will ship to Halifax! Current items that are in progress:

  • Get a car insurance for the USA (easier said than done!)
  • Get quotes for shipping the car (Container or RoRo)
  • Multiple adjustments to the car.

A New Chapter in the Landy Life

After a very long drive I arrived at Huberts workshop on Friday at 3pm. I was lucky and there where no traffic jams on the road, thus there was plenty of time left to put the new interior into its place. A few things had to be adjusted to the internal roll cage but otherwise everything fit perfectly. Four hours later we were done and the Landy looked much more like a mobile home 🙂

There are still a few things missing but this is exactly how I imagined it to be!

A New Plan?

Going to Argentina in May is not such a good idea. Going to Colombia in May is a bit better, but since I want to see all of the Americas I would have to drive all the way to the south and back up again – which could be fun but also takes a lot of time. Therefore I was thinking about a new plan: I could ship to Halifax.


  • In May, the weather is already bearable and will only get better
  • No language barrier
  • The culture is quite familiar, easy to start travelling


  • It’s not a big change, could be boring
  • All my preparation so far was focused on starting in South America

So many options… What to do?

First Flight!

After three days of rain I could finally take off for the first flight of my newest photography equipment, a DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter. Compared to my old DJI Phantom 2 this is a quantum leap in capabilities and quality. This stuff is awesome!

How does this work again?

Where There Is No Doctor

img_1023Today I went to ATW for a one day class dubbed “Where there is no doctor”. This was a very interesting day and I learned a lot. It has been fifteen years since I took the mandatory first aid class to get a driver license and even just refreshing the basics felt good.  But also a bit more advanced topics where covered. For example this poor little tangerine had to take my amateurish attempts to set a drip infusion, but I did well and it didn’t die ;).
There was a lot of information that I have to digest and my travel pharmaceutical list is getting longer and longer. I hope I’ll never use it!


A New Temporary Home

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-20-36-57Today I found a new home! From the 16th. November on I will be living in a shared flat in Wollishofen, five walking minutes from my workplace. The room is spacious and my flat mates seem to be easy going. There’s even private parking where I can work on the car from time to time. The current room owner will be travelling latin america for a few months and will be back by May. Perfect timing!


I’ll post a few pictures after I moved in.

Hello World!

This is it! The first blog post!
Starting from today, I am going to regularly write what happened until the journey starts beginning of May. The current planning is the following:

  1. ✓ Planning phase, figuring out all the insurance stuff
  2. Let my employer know that I’ll quite my job
  3. Figure out shipping
  4. ✓ Figure out what to do with my apartment
  5. Prepare my Landy
  6. Book flight
  7. Pay taxes
  8. Leave 🙂