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Posted by on Feb 18, 2017 in Preparation | One Comment

Time to make a big hole into my Landy! I know, I know, Land Rovers are leaky enough, why would you add another hole? It’s easy, I want more storage space! But I am really not a fan of make holes into cars… There’s a reason I like to work with computers, when you break something, you just reset and everything is back to normal. That doesn’t work with metal and a disc grinder. So after measuring at least three times, I marked the outline and measured again. And again. And then I got down to action.

Luckily for once I did everything right and after some small adjustments the storage box fit! Just one little problem: The previous owner must have bumped into something quite solid once, because the vehicle body isn’t straight anymore, this didn’t help to get all the rivets in place, bolts and nuts to the rescue! Did I already mention that I don’t like rivets?

Also, some minor work on the water outlet, my “shower” is now almost ready. As soon as the temperatures are a bit higher the pump will be added 🙂


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  1. Rabbyce Nkhoma
    5. April 2017

    This is owesome, it sounds adventurous already, more of a voyage than a trip, I can only hope that you have the shaving machine with you especially in hot horizon, nails and hair grow overnights, you might be mistaken for a gold digger hahaha 😂 just kidding, you might don’t get surprised when Palesa will be rushing to Migros when you come, will keep on following you. All I can wish you is lots of fun and energy!


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