Following a list of repairs we had on the way…

02.07.17210000Water pump leakingLand Rover Kansas City, USA
03.10.17230000Spare Tire Carrier weldedHector Martinez Welding, Bishop CA
24.04.18247000Break Pads, Track Rod End LH replacedLand Rover Ltd, Belize
24.04.18247000Rear step welded back onAmigo Welding, Belize
03.05.18247844Bushings rear shocks replacedRandom Mechanic in Guatemala
31.05.18249500Shock absorber rear right replacedRandom Mechanic in Honduras
22.06.18251190MAF Sensor replaced
29.06.18251721Thermostat and Track Rod End LH replacedNomad America, Costa Rica
09.09.18255055Cam Cover Casked and Injector Loom replaced
24.11.18259100Cylinder Head Casket, all Bushings, A-Frame Ball Joint, Oil Seal Turbo, Exhaust Collector Seal replacedTalbot Land Rover, Bogotá, Colombia
12. 12.182608003 new tires, same as before (BFGoodrich KO2, 285/75R16)Ecuador
14.12.18261000Track rod replaced (bent off-roading…)Quito, Ecuador
26.12.18262200Replaced Generator. We had electornic issues since Costa Rica, turns out, the Generator was the problem!Talleres Faconza, Quito, Ecuador
04.02.19264225Spare wheel carrier welded
12.02.19265396Front Diff Seal replacedTrunkin’Car, Cuenca, Ecuador
13.02.19265500Put the old front diff seal back in, Trunkin’Car did a bad job…
26.02.19267000Put a new front diff seal in
28.02.19268000Replaced Transfer Case Output SealTacna, Peru
05.03.19270222Break Pads, bearing AC pulley replacedGeolub, Santiago de Chile, Chile
06.05.19279500O-Ring Fuel Cooler, Crank Shaft Front Seal, Transfer Case Output Seal replacedDiego, Zapala, Argentina
29.05.19285000A-Frame Ball Joint gone again, refilled with grease. Spare Wheel Carrier welded againMarcelo, Salta, Argentina
10.09.19290000Bushings Shocks Front, Lower link Bushings, A-Frame Ball jointThe Specialist, São Paulo, Brazil