About Us


I have been dreaming of travelling with a Land Rover for more than ten years – finally it’s time to go! I finished my studies, got the car, had a decent career, now I think it’s time to retire!? (at least temporary…) I did a few overland trips in the past years and took off for the big tour of the Americas in May 2017.

I like nature, I like to hike and I enjoy taking pictures, just browse through the blog to see them.


I am Seattle born but relocated to Switzerland and fell in love with the mountains and life. I met Ben a few months after I moved and was introduced to this idea of long term overland travel. I wasn’t sold on the idea right away, especially when I was settling into Swiss lifestyle and loving every minute of the hiking and travel opportunities right out my front door.  In spite of that in October 2017 I joined Ben on the road to explore the Americas!


Mitzi is Rachel’s 12 year old miniature dachshund that is as sweet as she is stubborn.  She loves riding in the car, riding in her bag, sniffing out new places and meeting new people – and she’s the perfect sized dog for the trip!

About Us

We met back in September 2014 and connected over our love of nature, hiking, running, travel and micro-brews. We spent the next few years exploring the Alps  and going on smaller trips together. Now we are traveling the Americas together and trying to stay married while at it 😉

Stuff your eyes with wonder. Live as if you’d drop dead in ten seconds. See the world. It’s more fantastic than any dream made or paid for in factories.

Ask no guarantees, ask for no security, there never was such an animal. And if there were, it would be related to the great sloth which hangs upside down in a tree all day every day, sleeping its life away. To hell with that. Shake the tree and knock the great sloth down on his ass. – Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451