Spare Parts

Following a list of all the spare parts for our Defender TD5 we either have on board or had to order on the road.

#NamePart NumberUsed?
1Crank Position SensorNSC100790N
1Ignition Switch PRC8230 N
1Temperatur Sensor ERR2081 N
1Temperatur Sensor Washer ERR6192 N
1Ambient Pressure Sensor MHK100820L N
1Airflow MeterMHK100620Y
4Bush Front Shocks   Y
6Bush Rear Shocks Top NRC5593Y (2x)
1A-Frame Ball JointANR1799DY (2x)
1Bushings Radius Arms etcY
2Trailing Arm BushNTC9027Y (2x)
1HD steering rod kitY
2Track rod end headRTC5869Y
2Windscreen Wipers   Y
1Windscreen Wiper ArmDKB000051PMDY
2Casing & Wheelbox Assembly-wiper MotorDKU500010Y
1Crank & primary link-windscreen wiperDLW000020N
3Front Brake Pad Kit STC8575 Y (2x)
3Rear Brake Pad Kit   Y (2x)
2Spring & Metal pin for Break Pads   Y
1Indicator Lamp Unit XBD500010 N
1Timing Belt Tensioner ERR6951N
4Rotor Filter ERR6299every 30k
6Oil Filters LPX100590every 10k
6Diesel Filter ESR4686every 15k
3Air Filter ESR4238every 30k
3Diesel Pre-Filter every 30k
1Drive Belt PQS101500N
1Sump Gasket LVF500040GN
2Gasket camshaft LVP000020G Y
1Seal airbox PHN100200 Y
1Injector Loom HarnessAMR6103Y
2O-ring injector loom plug NYX10080 N
10Washer oil sump CDU1001 Y
10Bolt, M6 X 12MM FS106127 N
10Fastener doors MXC1800
1   Starter Motor   NAD101240
1Generator (Alternator)ERR6999Y
1Cylinder Head GasketLVB000250Y
5TD5 Injector Washers & O Rings KitY
1Water pumpPEM500040Y
1Potentiometer/Throttle PedalLR031386N

Special tools we have with us:

29/16 Wrench (prop shaft)Y
1Wrench to remove Visco fanY
155mm Torx (gear box)Y
152mm wrench for wheel bearingsN
114mm, 12-edge nut (generator)Y
224mm wrench (radius arms)Y

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