Brazil IV – São Paulo II


We spent 4 weeks mainly to get ourselves prepared to head home. Updated resumes, job applications, and a bit of beach time in between. Not a lot to report from our time other than Ubatuba living up to its nickname – Ubachuva, because of all the chuva (rain). 

São Paulo

We’re back in São Paulo for a very important reason – Rachel and Mitzi are flying out! This is the last of the blogs authored by Rachel from South America. Ben will make his way towards Montevideo to ship the car home while Rachel and Mitzi spend some quality time with family and friends in Seattle. 

We explored the city from an Airbnb in the fun neighborhood Pinheiros. Lots of coffee shops, craft breweries, and good restaurants in this area. It’s a great central location, so other sights of the city aren’t far away. 

The nearby hipster neighborhood Vila Madalena is home to more great coffee shops and some cool street art. Beco do Batman, or Batmans Alley, is the highlight of the neighborhood street art. 

Parque Ibirapuera is one of the biggest green spaces in a Latin American city. Great for running and also home to museums. We visited the Afro Brazil Museum. Some interesting artifacts and art, including some horrifying remnants from the slave trade, but unfortunately no English translations. 

After all the sightseeing it was time to say goodbye! Rachel and Mitzi took the plane to Seattle with a pitstop in Boston. Because Rachel’s flight was in the evening we got to enjoy São Paulo’s rush hour! The 30km we had to drive to the Airport took us over 2 hours. This really makes one appreciate the amazing public transport system we have in Switzerland!

From São Paulo Ben will drive the Landy to Montevideo in Uruguay to ship the car back to Switzerland mid-October. He will then join Rachel and Mitzi in Seattle for Halloween and maybe Thanksgiving before we will fly home back to Switzerland!

3 Replies to “Brazil IV – São Paulo II”

  1. Die zum Teil erstaunlichen Wandmalereien bringen mir, auch ohne Einblick ins Museum gehabt zu haben, das feeling der Gewalt in der Vergangenheit und in der Gegenwart. Die weissen Wände in Santorini tun meiner Seele wohler. Ich bin wohl zu sensibel für Süd Amerika.

  2. Hey there. We’ve never met but we’ve seen your name in iOverlander.
    We see you parked (camped?) at GRU airport in Sao Paulo Brazil.
    Did you leave your vehicle there when you flew somewhere? We are thinking of doing this and wandered if it was safe as yours is the only posting. Our rig is 2.9 m tall and 8m long.
    Fran and Doug

    1. Hi! My wife flew out from GRU late in the evening, so I slept in the parking lot. It was very quiet and safe 🙂
      2.9m could be a tight fit, but I think there’s also a parking lot without height restrictions.
      Enjoy your travels!

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