New Brunswick

The coast of New Brunswick is very similar to Nova Scotia, it is after all just on the other side of the Bay of Fundy. Nevertheless it has quite a few unique attractions to offer. For example the tide formed Hopewell Rocks. For once my timing was perfect and I got down to the ocean floor at the end of the low tide, thus I could take pictures without the crowds 🙂 Continue reading “New Brunswick”

Nova Scotia II

Cape Breton Highlands National Park

To get to Cape Breton, I decided to follow the coastal road along the Eastern Shore. From the Bay of Fundy I quickly traversed the land with a stop near Halifax to stock up groceries and to do some laundry, boring everyday tasks have also to be done while traveling. Why did nobody warn me?! Continue reading “Nova Scotia II”

Nova Scotia

Everybody knows of the stereotype that Canadians are the friendliest people on earth and after a week in Nova Scotia I can tell you it’s true, at least for the Nova Scotians!
Every day I meet strangers who are curious and want to learn what I am up to with this strange vehicle[1]. Sometimes they don’t even want to talk to me, one guy in the car in front of me paid my ferry ticket and all he said was “Welcome to Nova Scotia!”. Crazy! Continue reading “Nova Scotia”