Our Route

  • Start: 27. May 2017 in Halifax, Canada
  • End: 15. October 2019 in Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Countries Visited: 18
  • Days Traveled: 872days or 2 years, 4 months, 19 days
  • Total Distance: 96’000km
  • Lowest Point Driven: Badwater Basin, -86 m, CA, USA
  • Highest Point Driven: Abra Del Acay, 4942m, Salta, Argentina
  • Highest Point Hiked: ~5300m, start icefields at Volcan Cotopaxi, Ecuador
  • Highest Camp: 4600m, Volcan Cayambe, Ecuador
  • Coldest Temperatur: -15C, Laguna Colorada, Bolivia
  • Deepest Dive: -40m, Utila, Honduras
  • Average Fuel Consumption: 11.13l/100km or 21.13 MPG
  • Highest Fuel Consumption: 15.91l/100km or 14.8 MPG
  • Lowest Fuel Consumption: 8.65l/100km or 27.2 MPG
  • Cheapest Fuel: $0.27/l ($1/gal) in Ecuador
  • Most Expensive Fuel: $1.44/l ($5.5/gal) in Argentina

Interactive and zoomable map. The route was manually created, thus it is not the exact route we took. However, we tried to include all important places and detours.

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