First Flight Mavic Pro

The last time I flew a quadrocopter was in Norway in 2014 and there I almost crashed it into the sea… Today I tried my luck again with the new DJI Mavic Pro. It’s a super compact drone which comes with a gimbal and a 4k camera. There are worlds between the Phantom 2 and this thing, technology is amazing!

Well, all the technology doesn’t make good videos, and I have much to learn. You can see the result of todays flight below, I guess it’s ok for my first try 🙂

First Flight!

After three days of rain I could finally take off for the first flight of my newest photography equipment, a DJI Mavic Pro quadcopter. Compared to my old DJI Phantom 2 this is a quantum leap in capabilities and quality. This stuff is awesome!

How does this work again?