Baja California Norte

The north half of the Baja peninsula offers a lot of varied scenery, from quiet sandy beaches to high sierra pines. We spent a week exploring this region after crossing the border in Tecate.

The border crossing was relatively simple, but a bit slow for us due to trouble registering the Land Rover. It seems the British add 2 extra digits to the VIN numbers on their cars, which the system at the border wasn’t able to accept. After 2 hours with a very patient and friendly border agent, she was able to figure it out and we were on our way to Ensenada.

We spent two nights on the beach near Ensenada to get ourselves sorted for Mexico. We met a really nice couple at the beach and got lots of tips for the region over dinner and a game of darts.

Next we spent two days up in the National Park Sierre San Pedro de Martir. To get there, we drove from sea level up to 2500m and watched the scenery change with every curve in the road. The national park was quiet and had a lot of nice hikes with views to the Pacific and Sea of Cortez.

From the National Park we headed to Bahia de Los Angeles, a small fishing village on the east coast. It was like a paradise after days in the desert and we settled into a beautiful camp on the beach with a palapa. The first night we watched the Baja 1000 road race pass through town.

We met a lot of nice people here and shared a bonfire on the second night with them. After leaving Bahia, we followed the Baja 1000 route for about 100 miles, until we made it into Baja California Sur. Our last night in northern Baja was at a lovely ranch out in the middle of nowhere, only accessible by bumpy dirt roads.

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