New Brunswick

The coast of New Brunswick is very similar to Nova Scotia, it is after all just on the other side of the Bay of Fundy. Nevertheless it has quite a few unique attractions to offer. For example the tide formed Hopewell Rocks. For once my timing was perfect and I got down to the ocean floor at the end of the low tide, thus I could take pictures without the crowds 🙂

Another great experience was the lighthouse at Cape Enrage and the nearby beach where I camped for the night. Thanks to the crazy low tide I could hike around the cape and take the ladder to top back. A very special experience! The rocks are formed by the relentless tide but all look completely different.

Of course I couldn’t pass by the Fundy National Park which offers many opportunities for hiking. There is a lot of construction going on, many trails are rebuilt because they are not secure enough. Unfortunately, the new trails look more like highways than hiking trails. Unfortunately I decided to move on the same day because I thought the “Fundy Trail” at St. Martin is something cool and will offer some nice camp spots. However, that’s not the case. The Fundy Trail is a “toll road” with attractions along. I passed.

On my way to Maine and the United States I passed by the little island where the first French settlement was. The story is that the French thought it’s smart to have the first settlement on an island that is easy to defend. However, they did not expect the hard winters. The river froze but because of the strong tide broke open again, thus they were trapped on the island. 35 of the 79 settlers died during the first winter of scurvy. There’s a small park on either sides of the river, on in Canada and one in the USA.

My last stop in Canada (at least for now) was Campobello. This is the island where Roosevelt spent a lot of time, thus it’s another international park. By road it’s only accessible via the States, thus I enter the US already twice.

Fun story, the first time I entered they searched the Landy and I had to leave a few tomatoes behind. Well, I learned my lesson and didn’t buy anything on Campobello, so re-entry was easy and took only a minute or so 🙂

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  1. Endlich habe ich Zeit, deinen Blog zustudieren. Danke für die wunderschönen Fotos. Was hast du nicht alles schon gesehen! Ist die Welt nicht wunderschön?

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