Lassen Volcanic National Park

After visiting Mt. Hood and the Columbia Gorge (luckily the day before the Eagle Creek fire got out of hand) I went back to the Oregon coast to a) get out of the smoke again and b) to meet up with my friends Chris & Conny from Offroad-Travelers. First time we met was last November in Zurich to discuss our Panamericana plans. We both didn’t really know what to expect but I think this kind of traveling was everything we were hoping for and more! Continue reading “Lassen Volcanic National Park”

Missoula and Glacier National Park

After Yellowstone I drove further north to Glacier National Park but on the way there I stopped in Missoula to visit Rachel’s aunt and cousin. I had a great time there and they showed me an awesome place in the mountains where I decided to camp for the night. The sunset was fantastic, the smoke clouds from the wildfire nearby made it even more breathtaking. I also got some wildlife visitors but nothing that tried to eat me 😉 A bit later in the evening, the moon rose over the far mountains and another amazing picture opportunity arose! Continue reading “Missoula and Glacier National Park”

Black Ice on Seealpsee

After watching Rogue One* on Saturday evening with my brother I decided to flee the birthday party going on in the shared apt, got my camera equipment and drove to Wasserauen. Arriving at 2am I noticed that I wasn’t the only one with the same idea, there were at least two other campers at the parking. I set my alarm to 6am and went for a cold nap. Note to myself: Should it get colder than 0• I need some additional layers 😀

Unfortunately four hours of sleep weren’t quite enough and I only got out of bed by 6:45. A coffee later I was on my way to the Seealpsee which currently is completely frozen. Since it wasn’t snowing at all during the last few weeks, the lake was covered in black ice.

By 7:45 I arrived at the lake, to my surprise there were already quite a few photographers on it, I even spotted a couple camping at the lake. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t quite on my side and the sky was completely covered in clouds. I decided to just enjoy the scenery and don’t bother too much with taking pictures. By 10am the place was crawling with people and time for me to leave 🙂

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* If you like Star Wars V you will also love Rogue One and you should go watch it!