Death Valley

Entering the Death Valley via the Jubilee Pass is a great drive scenic with no body else on the road. Only after Badwater, the lowest point in the Unites States (85m below sea level) the crowds are starting to appear. The size, the dryness and the heat (105F/40C) in the valley is impressive. There are huge salt flats, canyons and colorful hillsides to explore. There is a Painters Drive leading through the most impressive parts. The hills are covered in all kinds of colors by the different minerals.
After a very stormy and hot night in Furnace Creek I drove through the Titus Canyon (a gravel road going over a pass and then through the canyon) and then headed to the famous Racetrack Playa. That’s a big dried out lake where rocks seem to be moved by magic. The road there is horrible though, so much washboard that everything feels like to fall apart. From there I went over another narrow and 4×4 only pass to get into the Saline Valley and to the Warm Springs Oasis. This was another 50 miles of the worst washboard roads I’ve ever encountered and by the end my spare wheel mount broke apart… However the Warm Springs are amazing. It’s kinda like a hippie oasis, with beautiful hot tubs, art and naked people 😀
After a relaxing evening and morning in the tubs I had to move on. I was running low on food and there is not that much time left until my flight back to Switzerland leaves from LA.

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Next stops: Bishop to get my spare tire mount fixed and then Yosemite!

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