Grand Teton and Yellowstone

I crossed into Wyoming via back country gravel roads and headed north to the Medicine Bow National Forest. The mountains in this National Forest reach over 3000 meters and the small lakes make it a very picturesque landscape. Again, there would be many hikes to explore but I only spent two days there, having some “off road” fun with old snow drifts that blocked several forest roads.

The drive from there until the Teton National Forest starts is rather boring, but as soon as the mountains are back it gets really pretty again. Only a small part of the Teton mountain range is part of the National Park. The Grand Teton NP is not that spectacular if you are used to mountains but it offers many nice hikes. Since all the campgrounds fill up super quickly in the morning I camped outside of the NP in the National Forest with amazing views of the Teton range. I also met a fun group of people working at one of the Guest Ranches one night.

After two days I left for the Yellowstone National Park. As usual I wasn’t prepared at all and had no idea what I’ll encounter. To make it short, I was blown away by what I saw. The park has so much to offer, from martian like landscapes to high peaks and an abundance of wildlife! There is no question why this area was the first National Park created, even though the start was a bit rough. The history of the park is quite interesting, you should read it up 😉

All in all I spent three days in the park and could probably have stayed another week and not have seen everything. But enough words, enjoy the pictures!

And because there are so many, here the iPhone pictures 🙂

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  1. Deine Bilder sind fantastisch. Man kann dabei tief durchatmen. Wie schön, dass du das erleben kannst!

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