Still a Long Way to Go

Showing off the new rims

Yesterday the first steps have been completed. I finished insulating the interior, prepared the place where the water tank will sit and the in- and outtake valves. I was amazed by how quite the new BFGoodrich AT tires are compared to the MTs I had before. You can actually here different type of tarmac now, it’s almost like a normal car now! 😀

Last but not least I stripped out quite a bit of the electric wiring and prepared a power distribution unit that is properly secured via a main circuit breaker in addition to the fuses to for each individual consumer (additional light, USB chargers, fridge, water pump, and so on).

Temporary Installation
Temporary installation to see how much space it actually needs.

The next few weekends will be spent to finish everything up and hopefully have another few weekend trips to test things out 🙂


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