Weekly Update

Another week has passed, less than 80 days until last day at work!

Not much happened this week because I was on-call and I had to bake cake with my godchild on Saturday which was a lot of fun. Gotta spend some time with her before leaving, I already know that I’ll miss her! Nevertheless, I was able to get some things done. The solar control unit behaved a bit funky after my last weeks work on the electrics. Turns out reading the manual is not such a bad idea. You have to plug the cables into the device in a certain order to make it work. Well…. Who could have known? 😀
I rebuilt the mounting bracket for the fridge, it worked but just didn’t feel right, now I have a much nicer solution that won’t chafe the tension ratchet used to pull the fridge down.

Additionally I’ve updated Finance & Health-page with the latest information (health and car insurance).


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