Bryce Canyon National Park

Utah has been a highlight so far, but Bryce Canyon (which is in fact not a canyon) just blew me away. The colors of the hoodoos and the slots were simply amazing. I combined the Peek-a-boo- and Navajo-Trail for a hike. Even though it was quite cold the clouds and sun played an amazing light show with thousands of photo ops.

After a very crisp night, I got up early for the sunrise. The forecasted snow fall happened but unfortunately not enough to cover the hoodoos in a white layer. Nevertheless, the clouds and the rising sun had an other mind blowing appearance, but take a look for yourself:

IMHO it was totally worth fighting the crowds and the freezing fingers 🙂

After Bryce I went to Zion, however it was crazy! SO many people! I couldn’t put up with that and decided to move on to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. More about this in the next post!

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  1. Hi, I stumbled across your blog. It seems that you are going to many of the places that we visited in our truck a few years ago. We travelled in an 18 tonne Mercedes truck which made some of the offroad exploration that you have done impossible, but it is a great part of the world to get off the tarmac and out on your own in beautiful surroundings! I’m glad we didn’t attempt the back route into Capitol Reef from the reservoir!

    1. Hi Nick! An 18 tonne truck would probably been have too wide to get through! I love the backroads in the States, on the whole time I probably did less than 2000 miles on the interstate (out of the 18’000 miles I did here 😀

  2. Hi Ben, your pictures are stunning, better than mine 🙂 Looks like you had the same experience in Zion as I did, with the same reaction! Though I was heading in the other direction to Bryce and our meeting in Capitol Reef.

    1. Yeah, I remember that you told me how crazy it was but I didn’t really belief it – until I was there myself 😀

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