Hiking, lots of water and other stories

More hiking was done in Lake Placid which is in the Adirondacks. In 1980 the Winter Olympics took place in this area. I spent three days around Lake Placid mostly hiking, but also doing laundry and shopping.

I bought an Aeropress for making coffee, easier to handle and I think the coffee tasts better than the one from the Bialetti. I just need to find the reusable filter for the Aeropress and I should have a solution that works for the rest of the trip. Also, I’ve switched to a MSR multifuel burner. My Coleman stove is already acting up (today everything was burning, except that part that was supposed to…) and handling with gasoline is just not so nice. I’ll keep it around for now but I mostly use the MSR burner.
Lake Ontario is quite impressive, obviously the size is enormous but currently there are floods along the coast. One local told me the lake had never had such a high water level before. Not sure if I should believe this but everything along the shore is under water and most beaches are closed because there is no beach anymore.

I couldn’t pass by the Niagara Falls without stopping. I took “Maid of the Mist” boat tour to get a nice shower 😉 Being so close to the falls is impressive. The Rhein Falls are not bad but Niagara plays in another league. Maybe we will make it to the Iguazu Falls, then I’ll know for sure who has the biggest … fall.
I only visited the American side of the falls, I didn’t want to bother with customs again and with the boat tour I got a good look at the Canadian falls. I guess in the end it depends on how much time and money one wants to spend if it’s worth to visit both sides.

My next stop was the Allegheny National Forest to get the Landy a bit dirty. There are a bunch of forest roads from good to bad, but nothing that couldn’t be done with any high clearance vehicle, thus I left after a day and headed to the Ohiopyle State Park. On the way there I passed by the Flight 93 Memorial Site. A beautiful place but thinking of the ramifications of 9/11 was quite depressing.
My plans to be in Kansas City for Saturday made me leave Ohiopyle after a short hike. I met the first “Vandweller” in the Wayne National Forest at a free campground, that was an interesting experience. Later that evening the Sheriff/Police came by, arrested her and towed to van. Don’t do drugs!

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  1. Diese endlosen Landschaften, sie haben mich schon vor 55 Jahren beeindruckt, wie klein sind wir doch dagegen. Grossartig, sie zu erfahren.

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