The Last Vacation

What to do with all the untaken vacation days from work? Well, take them before leaving the company and put them to good use!

First of all the water installation got some updates. The water is now pre-filtered before entering the pump and a pressure compensation container will ensure steady pressure at the tap. Also on the comfort side of things: My Land Rover has now a cruise control! This was fairly easy to install since the engine control unit already has the required software, only a cable needs to be installed and two buttons added to the dashboard for Set and Reset/Resume. Not to mention the high-tech spice rack!

To have more storage room inside the car I decided to put two boxes and the SUP on the roof. I don’t like to have weight on the roof and it doesn’t help with the mileage but it frees up a lot of space. First I wanted to go with used boxes from the German Army which are rather cheap but only available in Germany and sending them to Switzerland makes it rather expensive, thus I opted to buy two new, non-military boxes.

For communications I bought a cheap Android phone (Huawei Y6II Compact), bought a ChatSIM for worldwide, unlimited and (almost) free Whatsapp-Messages. I changed my current phone contract to a pre-paid one, so that I can keep my phone number w/o having to pay monthly and people can still reach me on my old number. The Huawei phone also has a second SIM slot in case I decide to buy a local SIM.

Side note: while going to the recycling center to get rid of old stuff I no longer need, I had the change to weight the Landy: partially loaded it was 2630Kg, looks like my target of 2800Kg for fully loaded is still possible but will definitely stay below 3000Kg!

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