Shipping Date Arrived

On April 27. shipping day snuck up on me. Almost everything I planned was completed, but some bits and pieces were still missing. Guess I do have to check a bag on the flight to Halifax…

I decided not to use RORO shipping but opted to use the slightly more expensive option of container shipping. The obvious advantage is that I can pack all my stuff into the car and don’t have to worry about things getting “lost” on the way to Halifax. Another advantage is that I can ship from Embrach, which is a half hour from where we live and I could return with public transportation. No need to drive through all of Germany to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, book a hotel and a flight back.

Shortly after eight in the morning the semi with the container arrived and we loaded the Landy into it. The guys from the logistics company made sure the car was safely tied down while I disconnected the batteries. Afterwards the container got sealed and it started its journey to Halifax. First, it was driven to Basel, then from there it goes onto a ship on the Rhine to Rotterdam. From there it will go on a container ship. If everything goes well, the ship will arrive in Halifax on May 16.

Next time we see Gordito it will be in Canada and ready to start the Gran Viaje!

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